A tea drinker is a person who enjoys the natural taste of the world. With freshly brewed, mind cleansing, and tasty tea, they are some of the worlds kindest and healthiest people. They are always down to try some new tea, no matter the plant, they are guaranteed to love the flavor.
Although they may be kind, they are a little picky. If you bring a tea drinker to a restaurant, you better hope the waiter didn't bring their beverage sweetened.
"Woah, she seemed happy."
"Yeah, she told me chamomile tea is a natural de-stressor."
"ohhh she must be a tea drinker! that explains it!"
by casteal March 16, 2019
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Individuals from the bottom rung of society who spend their time drinking obnoxious warm liquids made from whatever leaves they dig out from the backyards. Not only do these elitist degenerates revel in their hipster devotion to their sacred drink, but they derive unnecessary and somewhat discomforting joy out of discussing it. Widely considered the early signs of a future career as an unemployed vegan hippy, as they become even more entrenched in their cult-like appreciation of 'tree-semen', they tend to seclude themselves and exercise a self-imposed outcast from the rest of society.
"Shit dude, check out those tea drinkers over there."
"Ugh how can they drink that stuff. It looks gross. I should probably try it to find out..."
"Nah man, you don't want to become one of them... bloody hippies... probably eat vegan mousse too."
by socialelitist666 May 13, 2016
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a phrase that is related to british people as they drink lots of tea
Hey are you a tea-drinker because your accent sounds off
by lauchfromdarkages June 15, 2022
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A a pejorative term often used to describe people lacking masculine characteristics or for being weak. The term bears many similarities and may be compared to the slang terms cuck and soy boy.
"You are a real tea drinker!"
by Hill..arious. May 11, 2021
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Are you an actual idiot? All a tea drinker is, is someone that drinks tea.
Get life

Get a boyfriend or girlfriend

Spend time with your family

Cause clearly you have no life if you are looking up what a tea drinker is!
"I'm a tea drinker, I like to drink tea"
"Duh, of course you do. You are English after all"
by Savagemylads December 2, 2018
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Another word for someone who guzzles cum
Luke: I think I want some tea instead of coffee

Tyler: So in other words, you like to guzzle cum. Fucking tea drinker
by DarkCoffee July 15, 2021
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