The most amazing girl on earth and even though she can be thottie she is still a good girls who likes to have a little fun and is a caring person who may seem like they are pushing you away but really they are testing to see how much you love her to stay overall Taytem is an amazing girl who you should love
Damn that has to be a Taytem
by Thic bitch truth January 16, 2018
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Taytem is a world class slut because she loves dick, but dick doesn't love her. Nobody loves her. Her vagina is stank and she has over 14 different STDs. She is lucky to even had sex. She has mostly had sex in trash trailer parks. She lives in a cardboard box and is a wanna be prostitute. Don't talk to Taytems they will bring you down to their stupid idiotic level.
See that prostitute? Yeah she is probably a Taytem.
by the\truth/asf June 10, 2016
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