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A guy that is sweet and loveable and only wants one girl in the world. He is cute and loves to make others happy especially his girl. Tylers' are tall, thin and lightskin. Tylers' are the life of the party and everyone loves them. They are funny and smart. They get all the girls attention but could only wish he had his one true loves attention back over them all. They are the sweetest guys you will ever meet. They know what they want and usually get it except in hard situations, because they have a great work ethic, personality and a desire to become the best and be the best for a certain girl. When Taylored men love someone, they always think about them, and will do anything for that person and will never give up on their one true love no matter what even if it seems like it. Taylored men usually fall in love with a girl named Taylor! Love you! :* Long live TNT <3
by TNT Fo' Life December 22, 2013
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