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When a business hires a mentally or physically handicapped person for good public relations and to get the government off their back.
Morgan: "We got a new tax break at work today...her name is Audrey"
by meowman90 August 25, 2010
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a word that signifys something the government doesn't ever follow through on.
Person 1:Did you hear that Bush wants to nuke china?!?
Person 2:yeah, but that's just a taxbreak
by Thechat October 24, 2008
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Promises made by politicians, empty if directed to poor people.
politician: "I will give a huge tax break to the the middle class."

middle class: "I will shit out a coconut cream pie shaped like elvis"
by captain vinland October 16, 2008
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Something argued over during a political campaign that in the end comes to nothing because the government is going to get it's money one way or another.
Person1: Hey sweet everyone got a taxbreak.
Person2: Yeah but the we're gonna have to pay the piper (China) eventually.
by gabe0x02 October 16, 2008
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