Beautiful, young, naive and creative. Artistic and loving of friends. Puts everyone before them self and is really good at giving advice, especially in relationships.
by Babebunny_143 November 14, 2013
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Amazing artist from London. Debuted with her first EP album "Lucky Girls" last year and have a lot of new music coming in the future
" Taura is the best artist ever"
by lipypoo February 16, 2021
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The most sexy and love giving person on this planet. Sike he's a bitch
Oh my god Tauras is soo sexy
by Justin ..... Aahh January 27, 2021
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An ancient beast from Ohio. He reached his highest life form at 3 seconds into his life. . He is a very atractive youngling who is known for atracting younger girls. He is called the Niglet magnet. He loves beast burger. He has claws and it known for his insane appetite. He has razor teeth even thought he has no idea what a tooth paste is. He once ate 15kilograms of uranium because he was bulking.
Yo, where is my Uranium?
I think Tauras ate it.

What is the reason for solar ecplipses?
by Tauras December 20, 2022
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