a dic with no friends. he sucks at any music hi triesto play. he has the smallest penis in the world. he sucks at all sports. he is an ugly FUCK. his hiar looks like shit. he is inlove with renee. he thinks that he has friends but every body just bags him. he is the bigest tool in the world. he dos really wird movements. tries to pic up chicks but sucks at it. they all think he is ugly. his dreem is to do it with 5 guys at the one time.
"i am tasman and i wont to fuck a sheep"
by spiro3 May 3, 2005
That one kid who goes to your school and dyes there hair and cuts it off straight away and ever since then he won't stop cutting his hair off. He is very annoying in class, he won't stop harrassing your laptop and will jack off to your sister (wait thats Tyler Gunn)
Boy: Who's that kid who keeps harrassing my laptop
Girl: Oh! Thats Tasman Lisle

Boy: Hah he likes touching my laptop
A sexy guy with beutiful hair and a amazing body
Oh wow wouldn’t you wanna be Tasman Graham
by Dirty t789 March 11, 2020
Really really cool and had many talents
A tasman is always insanely good at scootering and has a 10 inch cock
by Lil boiiiiii November 23, 2021