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Taslima is a funny girl who has a very big heart but just doesn't show it. She's a keeper and she'll stay by your side , she is very trustworthy and you need her in your life. She is very sweet but sometimes says things she doesn't mean but your are very lucky if you have a taslima in your life.
"I want to be taslima"

"I need a taslima in my life"

"Taslima is wife material"
"Taslima is the best thing thing happened to me"
"I love taslima "
by Benard61 June 14, 2017
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A genuinely kind person who doesn't always know how to express herself. She can often be brutal with her words without realizing that words have an effect, just the same as actions do. She's a bubbly personality who loves to laugh and make other laugh. Taslima is super intelligent and while proud of her intelligence, she is not the type of person who'd make you feel inferior because of it. She has a big heart and would do anything for the people she loves.

She's the type of person you'd want to be your friend, the girl that every other girl really wants to be and the girl that any guy worth their penny wants to be with. Taslima is a good one.
"I wish I was Taslima." "I wish my wife was Taslima." "I love the Taslima in my life."
by Letafov August 10, 2014
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Perfection. You will never find anyone as amazing as her, she is beautiful, kind, friendly, always helpful and caring. Whoever has a Taslima in their life is lucky.
by Anonymous owe September 25, 2017
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