If you're going out, most likely to get laid, you get "all tarted up", in other words; get dressed up, put your best clothes on, wear very few clothes.
I saw your little sister today, all tarted up in her mini skirt- then I saw her without the mini-skirt. ~punch~
by B16 D4V3 September 12, 2007
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To dress up in a sleazy, cheap or provocative way.
Janie is going to tart up for her date with Steve; I bet she'll look like a cheap whore.
by Blumenthal March 03, 2008
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1. - adj. - wearing an excessive amount of make up, a minimal amount of clothing; ostensibly for the purpose of luring a partner into the act of sexual intercourse. Usually reserved for females, but not as a rule.
"Let's skip the clubs tonight...I can't deal with that much tarted up jailbait."
by Tom Cerveaux January 25, 2010
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To fix or edit something (e.g. a report for your boss) to make it better
I need to tart it up so the boss will like it better.
If I tart it up I think it will look a lot better.
by randysox October 29, 2009
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Oft-heard call assigning an amusing statement/anecdote/incident as worthy of entry into the greatest book ever written.
"Shot through, Le Tarte. And you're to blame."

"Le Tarte it up!"
by TallulahMimi August 05, 2009
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