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The funnest most random person who drives a hemi. Tarq's are random, fast, and unable to be controlled. Tarq's like adventure, but usually have a unadventerous job to hide their disguise. Tarq. Can't live without em. Tarq's fix everything
Where's Tarq? I need him to fix my computer? There he goes, he's in his hemi.
by megalishousmeggastar August 20, 2010
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1)an insane powerdriven psyco taht runs an online game know as dwl. also enjoys pepsi.
2)when somebody craps out of their face
opps i tarqed myself
by Lue January 15, 2004
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tarq (tärq)
n. adj.
1. A substitute for fuck, in a public place, so that no one is offended.


No 'ing' is added when speaking the word as an adjective.
That kid is a stupid tarq, dontcha think?
This math homework is tarq hard, jesus.
by yubda July 08, 2009
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