Intriguing form of folk art consisting typically of a deck of cards with 22 major trumps and four suits of minor trumps with fourteen cards each, although there are variations on this basic plan. Typically or ideally each card has an illustration of some kind. The variety of decks is considerable, although some are considerably more original in their inspiration (and/or better in their artistry) than others. Poetically resonant and often of use in artistic inspiration. Thought to have originated at least as far back as the late Middle Ages. Sadly done to death by New Agers who insist they are useful for divination, and Christian fundamentalists who put them close to the top of a veeerrry looonnngg list of stuff that will lead you straight to Hell, but still quite interesting.
Wanna see my collection of Tarot cards? I've got about thirty decks.
by Fearman September 18, 2007
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Cards used to connect to your intuition m. There is a lot of misinformation regarding them, but generally they all have symbolic images on them and meanings, when you shuffle them you use your intuition/connect with the universal energy/database and pull out a card that describes your current situation, what you can change,the future etc. you interpret them according to your current situation .
tarot cards helped me in my life and gave me guidance regarding my relationship
by t00c00lforscho00l March 22, 2022
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