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A cute, lovable male who likes to eat chips. They generally like to game, but beware when interrupting a game of Call of Duty, for they may bite you. Very vicious when tired and/or hungry. Do not get too close. They have beautiful eyes, but are very trustworthy and value him if you catch one.
by coolcat15 January 09, 2012
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taron ; every girls dream boy ; lightskin, tall , pretty brown eyes, big lips , big dick , fine and a sweet talker but beware he is a player he will play the shit out of you , he’s a lier , cheating , a disloyal man , and will have you looking stupid so please be aware and dont date a taron
girl 1: i got me a new man he is so sweet and fine 😍😍
girl 2: oh no 🀦🏽 ♀️ girl dump him he will play you

girl 1: no he wont πŸ™„
3 months later
girl 1: taron cheated on me πŸ˜•
girl 2: i told you so
by Marriqnna July 07, 2018
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A boy with a big dick , he's fit everyone wants to hangout him he's handsome. Oh shit he flexes damn man.
Taron: a hot shot , stud
by The cool man June 20, 2018
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Handsome man who will rub your feet in a instant. Loves to suck toes and prefers men over women. Usually homosexual or a closet homosexual.
Me: Man my toes are tired i need a taron in my life
taron: you wish has been granted
*taron begins to slurp my toes until i cum"
by truthdefintion April 30, 2019
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