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1.) a piece of music by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, or the album on which that musical piece first appeared 2.) a mechanical beast resembling a cross between a tank and armadillo 3.) the most awesome/beautiful/powerful thing ever
1.) I love listening to Tarkus, it's the greatest song ever. 2.) That Tarkus is gonna blow up Cuba. 3.) Man, that chick looks so Tarkus
by Tarkusman December 24, 2007
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Name given to the armadillo tank painted by William Neal for the album that became "Tarkus."
I finally bit the bullet and bought Tarkus.

Boy do I hate Tarkus.

Tarkus rocks!
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In homosexual american culture: the thankful reciever of bukakke and donkeypunches. often known to make silly and inane comments in desperation for approval. A tarkus is by definition an extremely ugly nasty stupid and essentially valueless piece of human trash.
TarkusENC: A Tarkus known for seat fetishism and smell of rotting fish.
see: TarkusENC of efnet
by pxl October 22, 2006
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