A cute guy that is smart
Do anything for his girl
Prob marry a girl who name start with a E
Has a long thing
Has good friends

Is pretty fast
Love running
Hate fake people
A gamer
Tarice a pretty person
by Fjfhydydhdhdjdki January 24, 2019
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A beautiful man.
A truly truly truly beautiful man.
Hes truly beautiful.
his gems are truly beautiful. -Taric
by AzureThien October 25, 2010
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Tarics are the true alpha male savages, however this is only triggered when they see women. Once a taric views a female they immediately release hormones and steroids which begins the natural fighting process. Their mouth will froths with bacteria riden saliva. The natural hormones and chemicals in their brain forces them to shit out if their rear end at high velocity for tactical propellant. Tarics will typically rip out a few organs but you may get lucky and only loose your psoas major muscle. All in all the taric will stop at nothing to commit felonies and earn trohpies of war from bodies that it devastates. All driven of the goal to scare the embryo of the women.
Friend 1: hey pal whats going on!
Friend 2: hide your ladies theirs a taric around and id prefer to keep my renal system in tact.
Friend 1: oh FUCK!! My girls out at Dennys im so fucked
by Blifnab March 14, 2021
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