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Tarics are the true alpha male savages, however this is only triggered when they see women. Once a taric views a female they immediately release hormones and steroids which begins the natural fighting process. Their mouth will froths with bacteria riden saliva. The natural hormones and chemicals in their brain forces them to shit out if their rear end at high velocity for tactical propellant. Tarics will typically rip out a few organs but you may get lucky and only loose your psoas major muscle. All in all the taric will stop at nothing to commit felonies and earn trohpies of war from bodies that it devastates. All driven of the goal to scare the embryo of the women.
Friend 1: hey pal whats going on!
Friend 2: hide your ladies theirs a taric around and id prefer to keep my renal system in tact.
Friend 1: oh FUCK!! My girls out at Dennys im so fucked
by Blifnab March 14, 2021
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When your butthole is stretched out from a rough anal session or from using large toys, causing you to be unable to walk properly.

Most common in anal virgins who haven't been trained for no mercy by their lover.
Friend 1: Hey wanna do something tonight?
Friend 2: No, my partner gave me a harsh anal fucking, now i have to do the stalin march.
Friend 1: I've been there young man, it hurts.
by Blifnab March 11, 2021
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a term when one cannot resurrect properly, giving them a flaccid aura and a holy discharge.

Typically used in medieval role-play games when the fucking cleric can't bring your squishy wizard back to life after getting a sparagmos by the goblins.
Also used by church and theatre kids alike after their reenactment of the second coming fails cause little billy has stage freight.
friend 1: hey wheres your friend? didn't you get the money to resurrect him?
friend 2: no the priest doesn't like me he says, since i committed sodomy one time.
friend 1: hes lying! he just has resurrectile disfunction.
by Blifnab March 15, 2021
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