Fat, Over Weight, Huge,
Your Such A Tanque!!

Look At This Tanque Eat.
by nostyle September 5, 2008
the most ridiculously epic thing in the world.
a band forged from the gallstones of Odin's Raven and the milk and honey uttered forth from earth-tree Yggdrasil. the essence of rock, within the golden reeds of Pharoah Ramses satan worshiping rock cult.
War on an ottoman turks' leprous back, spraying people with battery acid out of a super-soaker.

Tanque means tank in french but is also used by englishmen to make them sound more posh.
You see that le tanque there?
Yeah that's a cool tanque!
by non-frenchman March 31, 2021
Sinónimo de barrio que se refiere a una persona con sobrepeso
by WhiteTapir76 March 26, 2022
When you have a mixed shot of Tanqueray and Sailor Jerry and bust a nut on the first person you see, regardless of age, disability or race.
Pedro: What's the plan tonight peeps?
Langerz: Not sure mate, could go for a swift one.
Obarz: Nah boys, we're going for Tanque-Jerry's tonight.
Orivia: What's a Tan...
*all males proceed to engage in harmonious chant*
by tsaltsal May 13, 2018