Modern military slang referring to downing a known hostile operative.

Used immediately after a kill or successful incapacitation of a hostile, to help nearby friendly operatives keep track of imminent threats.

Has seen wide pop culture usage in video games and movies, mainly by characters in tactical squads engaging terrorists.
I have a hostile in my sights. Tango down.
by NWAG September 2, 2014
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A word used to describe a terorist that has been eleminated. It is mainly used by the Special Forces to describe an eleminated enemy during a firefight.
Nice job taking that tango down.

Tango 6 O'clock. Roger that tnago down.
by Bob Joey13 March 29, 2007
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a army slang that refers to target down, it is used tango because of the otan fonetic dictionary that uses Tango for the "t".
so it is Tango down.
Tango down (anonnymus)
Tango Down Killing in cod.
Tango Down Kill in irak.
by Juancmb June 8, 2012
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Said when yourself or a friend hooks up with someone for the night
Marcus: "Oh man Chuck just left with that chick!"
Frank: "Tango Down! Tango Down!"
by slevinkelevra December 22, 2010
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The word used when you get kill in battlefield 1943, Call of duty or anyother game where you can kill people. Often used when overly excited gamers get a kill. Also used when airsofting and you get a kill. High, tall, short, thin, small
by Barons Goalie 30 May 20, 2010
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