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A Tamira is someone who is down to earth and full of energy. She is confident but still has her moments. She is a hopeless romantic and is artistic in writing or drawing. She loves the outdoors and her family. She is hilarious, always making people laugh or smile. She is fun and daring. She is athletic and stands by her friends. She is beautiful and sexy and she never changes for anyone. She may be stubborn but she always stands up for the people she cares about. She is honest, responsible, and trustworthy. She would be great in a relationship if she were given the chance.
"Who is that confident and kind girl?"

"Oh, that's Tamira!"
by writteninthestars May 23, 2013
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It's a girl who's allways thinking about artistic things and what is she going to draw/write next. She's really good at what she does, and is sometimes confused with a magdalena.
She has a big heart, but lots of pretentions.
"That girl is such a Tamira!! she's allways on the seventh cloud!"
"Is that Magdalena???" "No, she's not, she's a Tamira!"
by Itchy thing April 29, 2008
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