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A podcast hosted by the editors of The regulars are Chris Antista, associate editor, Brett Elston, the Nintendo Editor, and Mikel Reparaz, the Playstation Editor. Guest appearances have included other GamesRadar editors, such as Tyler Wilde, Shane Patterson, and Charlie Barratt, to editors from other gaming outlets, such as Dan Amrich of OXM, and Mike Grimm, formerly of

Several features of the podcast include-
- A discussion of the week's Top 7 article,
- A section for news and new releases,
- Audio-related humor,
- Multiple, often quite humorous sound effects,
- A community segment in which the listeners of the podcast who participate in the forums are highlighted,
- A game deals segment where games on sale are pointed out, and at which stores or websites they are on sale at,
- A question of the week for forum users to participate in,
- and last but not least, Chris Antista's many personas, including Duke Lombardi, a swearing Italian man who reviews E-rated games exclusively, Bonsoir, a French wrestler inspired by pro wrestler Randy Savage, and Bonesquaw (or Tatunka Cornfoot), a Native American.

Individual podcasts are often at least 90+ minutes of a hilarious, drunken romp through the site's great articles, as well as personal anecdotes (Listen to podcasts 21 and 38 for hilarious stories by Antista), and off-topic discussions that usually are really funny. Overall, this is a great podcast to listen to, especially if you are looking for a good laugh with some news discussion.
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