Good looking dude. He very good at basketball. He is a leader and a champion. A lot of girls like his handsome face and his sense of humor. He’s very smart and he is a family guy.
Taleb is a champion.
by Taleb the king June 17, 2019
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mistakenly believing that expertise in one field automatically equates to expertise in all fields
'So, I have a theory about 'x'...'
'Stop talebbing, you don't know a damn thing about the subject'
by Intelligent Idiot August 10, 2017
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a really kewl guy, who has his own website and this is shameless plugging
visit his website -
by Abu Sufyan Taleb October 10, 2004
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the most amazing guy ive ever met, he can turn my sad days into good ones in the course of mins. basically the love of my life.
whos that guy who just walked in, the whole room lit up.

oh thats just taleb
by jj-444- November 05, 2020
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A huge Family that lives All over the world with sayids and sheiks in this family and amazing people!
Wow look that’s a Taleb she’s/he’s so cool!! I wish I was his/her friend
by Bae_In_THE_HOUSE June 03, 2019
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“Gio Taleb”, another way to describe a sex beast. This sex beast usually attempts to seduce women in bed but rarely succeeds, but when he does, the women have the night of their lives.
Girl 1: “yesterday I met a Gio Taleb
Girl 2: “what? were you worthy?”
Girl 1: “yes, and you won’t believe how big his cock is!”
*Girl 2 faints*
by MisterPfister April 29, 2018
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big boy thicc boy nibba gay ass nibba nibba boy thicc ligma head corona virus
stop being like ameen taleb
by Big nibba gay boi February 26, 2020
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