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A short positive person who sees the good in everyone and is insecure about her friends.
She is such a Takira.
by Q231 November 10, 2017
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Takira's are fun, out going, short.
Doesn't care about what any body thinks of them.
Loyal, honest, faithful, trust worthy.
Loud, loving, caring
by gawgeously beautiful January 03, 2014
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Takira is a Smoking hot, good looking, amazing girl that there’s only one of her. She is a kind of girl who knows she’s not the one to mess with coz if you do then you will regret it but also has a fun personality and is one of those people who don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of her, someone to have a laugh with and is a party animal who knows how to party hard.Most girls bully Takira just because they are all jealous of her and that she has everything they don’t most boys are blown away by her drop dead smoking hot looks and go “woah fitty she can hop into my bed any day” . If boys don’t fall for her then they clearly don’t have a brain and are brainless dicks. She also has an amazing body nice abs and nice slick legs and definitely one fine smoking ass . She also has the dance moves you’ve been dreaming of but the personality of a badass. No matter how hard you try to be like Takira you might as well stop trying because there’s only one her.
Woah who’s she”
“Oh her she’s called Takira every boys dream girl
“Damn she is fit”
by Ilovethevampirediaries May 09, 2018
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Takira is the most gorgeous girl in the world. Don’t try and be like her girls because trust me hun it’s not going to work, Takira is every guys dreams and all the boys want her so bad but don’t realise it yet girls only slag her off only because they’re not her and there jealous of her and wannabe her. Takira has dark brown hair, piercing glowing shiny brown eyes and perfect light brown skin and no flaws and the perfect ringlets for hair. This girl definitely knows how to move her body she that’s why she has the most amazing figure large breasts, fat, toned arse and long dark legs every girl wants. She also has a sassy, strong, daring, sexy, fun, banterous, sassy, loud, partying type of personality and she also has the best, stylish, dress sense but also adds a sexy twist to it. Don’t mess with her just coz you wanna be like her doesn’t mean mess with her coz if you mess with her she’ll do it back even worst she also has this sexy side of her that will turn any boy on just instantly and that’s what boys like about her she’s not just good looking but she also ain’t frigid but she ain’t desperate everyone would kill to be just like her
“Did you see the new girl Takira and how nice she was”
Yh but did you see how sexy she was”
by Ilovesinging June 30, 2018
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She is a short girl who is insecure about her friends. She is always trying to be positive and innocent but has befriended some of the most dirty minded people in the class.
She is a Takira.
by Q231 April 20, 2018
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Takira rymes with Shakira Takira's fine ass won't quick the dance floor coz she has got some moves on the dance floor and never quicks to shake that fine boot of hers on that dance floor
"Takira, Takira"
"Oh yeah baby how she dance dat you make a woman go mad"
"Haha see what i did there!"
by Ilovesinging June 21, 2018
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No wonder how her name means the sun that’s definitely what she is smoking hot like the sun
“Hey gorgeous what’s your name
“My names Takira”
“That’s a beautiful name, what does it mean”
“It means the sun
“Oh no wonder why your so gorgeous then”
“Hey stop flirting with me haha”
by Ilovesinging June 30, 2018
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