something you say when some one falls for something you say.
>Dave Gannon is dead!
>Take the bait, only the character of Dave Gannon can die, not the real Dave Gannon!
by Robert Kirsty Munro January 24, 2004
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When you get angry at something that was done to get you mad in the first place
Fisher: Fortnite is better than PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds!
This guy is taking the bait.
by Limess September 29, 2018
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When someone "accidentally" texts someone or messages them on social media, but has a plan to work on them to get in their pants.
I butt dialed her to see if she would end up taking the DM bait. She responded and we started talking about what she wants in a man and then I played the game and she gave it up to me and took the bait.
by calic0jack July 18, 2018
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