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Nice,beautiful,talented, and a fast learner. Her bestie would be a Gemini duh. She is a strong beautiful tarus with good finances and a good heart. But don't mess with them cause they will fight you and win
Taiyona will beat yo ass
by litttt.slayyy April 09, 2018
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Pretty cool gal who has a soft spot for their bestie who is most likely to be a gemini, Taiyona is fun and funny always charming and will have your back no matter what she is and will always be fun to have around, get a bestie like taiyona everyone should have on.
Girl 1- taiyona you are amazing
Taiyona- thanks girl
by Urban lover3000 May 17, 2018
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A smart and funny girl, with a great personality, she's very chill and always will have a friends back, therefore Taiyona has a creative mind and a great personality.
Taiyona is a great friend
by Urban lover3000 April 24, 2018
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