A form of skiing usually mastered by new skiers within thier first few days. It consists of skiing down easy slopes while wildly waving your arms and claiming to have mastered something spiritual. It is used by unscrupulous ski instructors to fleece unsuspecting beginners. See also flatboarding.
Wow, your first day and you have already masterd tai chi skiing.
by tai cheese July 16, 2008
An Asian born Caucasian person.
Look at this vanilla tai-chi looking motha fucka. Thinkin he Asian but he really white!
by darnlljones October 16, 2014
is when an Aussie (preferably) tries to manoeuvre a huge round of drinks over to his mates at the other end of the pub (without using a tray or aid of a waitress or another friend!). Takes incredible concentration, dexterity and outstanding navigational skill!
Don't worry mate, Sheila can manage on her own. She'll get the drinks over to us without spilling even one drop, trust me. She has mastered the Australian Tai Chi!
by edessa08 March 20, 2010
Upper management's technique of avoiding answering questions about anything.
I asked Joe if I'll ever get that raise I asked for and all I got was a lot of Corporate Tai Chi about how much I'm appreciated but sales are down and the budget's a problem and all that crap...
by Stesio December 27, 2013