someone who follows and joins you
boy: omg there is the tagalong kaiden

girl: look behind us!
tagalong: hey guys!
boy and girl: go away you tagalong!
by sheppyboy123 October 26, 2017
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1. A delicious chocolate and peanut butter Girl Scout cookie

2. When a bro is in the act of fucking a prostitute and his bro calls him up all like, "what UP?"
And the first bro is like, "I'm fucking a prostitute!"
And the second bro is like, "sweet, man! Can I tag along?"
And the first bro is like, "hellz yeah!"
And then they have a threesome.
So last night, I was fucking this prostitute and my bro calls me up all like, "what UP?"
And I was like, "I'm fucking a prostitute!"
And my bro was like, "sweet, man! Can I Tagalong?"
And I was like, "hellz yeah!"
And then we had a threesome.
by Bad Girl Scout November 11, 2011
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1: A gift parasite, someone who writes their name on someone else's gift tag or card. They take credit for someone else's gift so they don't look like the cheap person they are. Either that or they're broke but don't want anyone to know.
2: An annoying person (usually a younger sibling) who, for some reason, wants to go everywhere you do.
1: Bob: Dude, I just got fired. On the week of Christmas too!

Joe: Well, Suzy's Christmas party is around the corner. What are you gonna do?

Bob: I think I'll just tag-along on Billy's gift.

2: Guy: Bye mom I'm going to the movies!

Little sis: Why can't I go?

Mom: Take your little sister, Guy!

Guy: Aw mom, she's such a tag-along!
by captain_kickbutt December 21, 2009
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A slang term for an anus due to the resemblance to the chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, girl scout cookie.
"Man, I got Taco Bell for the first time last night and it just annihilated my tagalong."
by Lake Partiers May 04, 2021
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