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A person who is to clingy and annoying and seems to follow you every where you go. Someone who doesn't understand the meaning of "get lost". Even when you purposely get lost in a crowded shopping center they still seem to find you. Most times the tag along elmo is hyper- emo and they can't stand walking past a HOT TOPIC store with out going in. They are generally pop punk rejects that are in the 13 to 18 age bracket that hate themselves and the idea of joy. They always mooch cash off of their older sibling or friends that are either working or recieving unemployment checks. A Tag along elmo will tell one really good joke to a friend then will fallow it up with numerous shitty jokes and puns that in their minds they think are funny.
When ever I get my pay check my sister turns into a fuckin' tag along elmo, that is until i'm out cash does she leave. I just a got a raise at burger king and now my brother insist's on going shopping this weekend. hey dude look at that crowd of tag along elmo's in front of starbucks. HOT TOPIC is having a new shipment of TWILIGHT merchandise coming in, buy what you want now because the tag along elmo's are getting out of school soon
by king incest October 20, 2009
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