A South Korean singer whose real name is Dong Young-bae. He was born on May 18, 1987. He is the main dancer in the South Korean boy band BIGBANG. "Taeyang" means "sun" or "solar" in Korean, and he is commonly known as Sol (short for Solar) in America and Japan.
Have you heard TaeYang's hit song "Eyes, Nose, Lips"?
by BIGBANG.VIP January 18, 2015
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aka real name: Dong Young Bae

A part of the korean band, Big Bang.

taeyang means the sun in languages such as korean and chinese.

He is an extremely hard worker and is mighty hot just like the sun!
nowadays, people have been going for the taeyang faux, coined by many youngster as the "taeyang hair".

People are also dressing like Taeyang's MV and dancing like Taeyang~

sigh, i understand that everyone wants to be like taeyang, but like the sun, there is only one :)
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I'm tired of being alone, I'm sick of being single. Shit, I think I'm Taeyang.
by Kwon Jiyong January 7, 2012
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dangerous idol and our precious sun.
it's known that he has the most adorable laugh in whole universe.
i love him, you love him
yoo taeyang is a person who deserves all good protect him at all costs (listen to mamma mia album)
by sf9sun February 27, 2018
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The most amazing kpop singer to ever exist. The absolute love of everyone's life. He's gorgeous, funny, and an amazing singer. His stage name is Theo and he is a member of P1Harmony. He's an amazing dancer. He was sculpted by the Gods and he deserves every good thing in the world. He is so precious. Everyone should love this man as he is so perfect. This is all completely objective. Fight me. Choi Taeyang Supremacy!
My bias in P1Harmony is Choi Taeyang.
by bergermon March 31, 2023
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