verb. One who disappears at random times. Spontaneously busts a move to loud techno music.
tendedncy to get low and speak loudly in japanese while on the phone. Has very asian haircut and likes to wear chains on his pants, along with pointy shoes. nickname ninja and dashi
" I just pulled a Tadashi"
by arieel September 15, 2008
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a Japanese curse-word.
"What a Tadashi!"
alt. "Son of a Tadshi!"
by stuju22 January 7, 2010
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Smol cinnamon roll that will kill you with his very average float serve. Also very gay for the tall french fry that is Tsukishima Kei
Person 1: Have you seen the new haikyuu episode?
Person 2: no, why?
Person 1: Yamaguchi Tadashi finally got the float serve right!
Person 2: oh my god, my smol child is growing up
by Brokuto_Kotabro March 6, 2016
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One who disappears at inappropriate times after saying they wouldn't, leaving one feeling upset.
Friend: "Aw! She didn't come to my concert! She said she would!"
You: "She friggin pulled a Tadashi Hamada....."
by LawlingEveryDay December 17, 2014
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There is not much I’m gonna say about him but he’s Adams secretary or rather “dog” since that’s what he calls him. He taught Adam all he knows about skateboarding which made him the skateboarder he is now. Goes by the name Snake at S but has only skated twice in an actual competition. As Gay as they get and apparently has a dog kink considering he blushed when called a “dog”.
Tadashi Kikuchi Deserved better considering how things turned out.
by x3grachy April 20, 2021
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a character in the disney/marvel film big hero six, who is the older brother of the main character hiro and dies tragically in a fire 20 minutes into the film. known for being, as the white gays on tumblr would call him, "a pure cinnamon roll" as he has a very inspiring/softboi personality, as well as being a total hottie and dreamboat. a lot of people still view him as something like a waifu. multiple people theorize that he might actually be alive, as his body was never found on screen; some speculate he might return in a sequel film.
i miss tadashi hamada every single day of my life.

stan tadashi hamada for clear skin.

tadashi hamada is my ideal man.
by 你们都是傻瓜 March 4, 2021
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A cute guys with spinach hair, he's personality is very normal but something about him make him cute... He's very unconfident, he think everyone is better than him since all the first years have special technique except him but i don't think should be insecure about that! He's also the biggest Tsukishima supporter! TsukiYams supremacy!
Girl 1 : Tadashi Yamaguchi is so cute!

Girl 2 : Ur so right! What a cinnamon roll
Yamaguchi : Excuse.. Me ? 🤔
Tall smart fries : *Irritated face*
by Creator-Kun on Urban November 30, 2021
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