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The dilemma a single person faces when buying ingredients for a taco-meal only for himself. Buying too many ingredients will result in a better meal overall, but also more leftovers.

Does also apply for other meals like hamburgers, homemade pizza etc.
guy 1:Gawd I can`t decide if I should buy a whole cucumber or not. This is a real taco-dilemma.

guy at register: nah, its not that important, and you would just have to throw out most of it anyways. Meat and chips should suffice.
by AluXeZ December 20, 2010
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If you've ever eaten a taco, or a particularly full sandwich, you have encountered the Taco Dilemma. The problem arises when you realize that your taco has so many toppings, and so much meat, that if you try to take a bite from one end, much of the contents will drop out the other side.

Thus, you are presented with a dilemma: Which end do you take, and which end do you sacrifice?
Carl pauses, taco in hand, and realizes the horror of the situation before him. Should he choose one end, he surely dooms the other to the horrible fate of falling, uneaten, to the plate.

His friend, Michael, notices Carl's hesitation. "Ah, the old Taco Dilemma, eh?"
by Tinglystix August 11, 2007
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