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The enormous shit you take 5-6 hours after eating Taco Bell or the shit you take the morning after eating Taco Bell. There may or may not be birthing pains.
Zach ate a whole bunch of Taco Bell last night and gave birth to a Taco Bell baby this morning.
by Houston Texan November 06, 2010
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A taco bell baby is the feeling you get after you eat taco bell. You think your stomach looks big, and you feel larger after eating taco bell. When you shit it out, it feels like you have just given birth to a baby, but it was really your taco bell. You feel the bloating go away, like you just lost baby weight.
"Ouch, that must have been my taco bell baby." Jessa says.
"Oof, that is going to hurt when you have to shit it out." Jessa's mom says.
by Tessa1234589 July 17, 2018
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