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Tabia is a name normally used in the African American society.

A Tabia is someone who is really fun and lively they also are very introverted but once you open their shell everything funny comes out.

They have an amazing sense of humor and will always be theready when you're down.

Tabia's have amazing bodies that they aren't afraid to show off

Lastly someone names Tabia might get frazzled easily but they always come out on top.
Wow I wish I was like Tabia, she always seems so calm.
by FunnyLovingBunny March 15, 2017
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A girl/women who's secretly talented

Usually a African American cheerleader

"White men are very fond of Tabia, they would like to plow her"
She has a cute face but a fuckable body that is proportionate (ass, tits)

Secretly getto as hell, hides it so well some may say she is whitewashed
by joshUD December 30, 2014
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