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An abbreviation of Thank You, Love You.

TYLY is a way to express love and gratitude in one word.

Also, T.Y.L.Y.

TYLY is normally seen in text messages, but can also be used verbally, pronounced "tie-lie"

TYLY is appropriate in all situations except:
-Professional/ Workplace
-Taking to strangers
-When you're on the outs with your S.O.

-If you haven't told your BF/GF you love them, TYLY is NOT the time
-When talking to a Finn (tyly means "rude" in Finnish)

-As a response to a guy at the gym that says he is willing to spot you while you max out on bench
Mom: "I saw you drank all the Coke in the fridge so I picked up another pack"
Me: "TYLY"

Pregnant Wife at 3am: "I have a hunger that only pickles and chocolate ice cream can satisfy"
Husband:"You ate all the pickles yesterday"

Wife: "Good thing Walmart is open 24 hours. TYLY"

Husband: *sigh*
by HellenDeGeneres March 08, 2017
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thank you, love you. (for bababloobians only)

pronounced either "tie lie" or "tilly"
goodnight, tyly
by uglyfatgrease August 31, 2019
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