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"TWRA" is an acronym for "take women's rights away" or "taking women's rights away", as promoted by the "Turd Flinging Monkey" (TFM) internet personality.
"We need to take women's rights away, and do it fast, because all they do is vote for more communism and more immigration, and end up destroying the culture that enfranchised them in the first place. When the Moslems outnumber you in your own country, they'll institute Sharia Law and make it happen anywayβ€”so the native men in these countries are better off TWRA right now while they still can. Because otherwise it's Allahu Akbar-in-the-USSR civilizational extinction and back to the Dark Ages, and kiss your language and maybe your race goodbye too."
by Bezzle Bedeviled December 19, 2018
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Traditional Women's Rights Activists aka TWRAs.

TWRA is a group dedicated to bringing traditional values back into our laws and customs. They are dedicated to regaining the rights and privileges both sexes lost from women's liberation. What TWRA stand for:

-Make it the sole obligation of the husband to support his wife so long as she remains faithful and the father to support his children.

-Protect mothers of young children and protect children by re-instating the Tender Years Doctrine.

-Protect a woman by making her exempt from her husbands debt, especially if she should become widowed or divorced.

-Repeal no-fault divorce laws and reinstate alimony for ex-wives only to give security to women who opt out of the workforce to raise their children or help their husbands.

-Re-instate family wage laws.

-End affirmative action for women.

-Re-instate the husband as legal head of household with authority to make final decisions regarding finances and where the family will live.

-Encourage women to refrain from sexual activities until the male commits to marry and provide for her.

-Re-instating common law rights for women that were repealed in the name of equality, such as her right to recover damages for breach of promise to marry and seduction.
Laura: Hey what does TWRA mean?
Mark: They are traditional women's rights activists! I hear they make great wives.
Laura: No wonder feminists are jealous of them!
by TheWunderbar November 14, 2012
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