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The Worlds Greatest
Guy1-"Yo I got a accepted to the team"
Guy2-"Damn bro"
Guy1-"Told you nigga im TWG"
by TheFuckingBestBitchEver January 11, 2014
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That’s what’s good

That’s what’s gucci
Person 1: I just got a B on my test
Person 2: Twg
by anothaCreep August 02, 2018
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that was God.

What you say when something happens when God has undeniably acted in your life. Also, what people write at the end of posts on
My dad survived a terrible car wreck today. twG.
My little sister was born healthy today. twG.
by Mickey Baxter December 21, 2010
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Girl 1: Have You Seen The New Girl, Got Loads Of Make Up On !
Girl 2: She's Defo A TWG !!
by LilMizzPopula256 November 06, 2010
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there we go!
you finally get something to work so you type "twg" instead of typing out there we go.
by roo0oom October 08, 2009
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