An acronym for the band The Starting Line.
Originating in Pennsylvania they've released two albums to date, the amazingly successful Say it Like You Mean it and the less known but still awesome, Based on a True Story.
holy shit that new song by TSL is sick!
by ifyun November 28, 2006
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titty sucking lips;
some guys have big lips too,
what do we call them then...
titty sucking lips
girl1: "that gay has some dsl"
girl2: "no he doesnt, he got some tsl on him."
by fishieface March 19, 2006
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tsl (Typical Second Life) phrase.

The MMO virtual world Second Life has a long list of issues that residents often discuss in chat. This phrase is used to express negative acceptance of the frequent inconveniences these problems bring to the user experience.
Open Chat:
1)I'm having problems with my inventory.
2)That is so tsl.
1)yeah, the blog said the asset server is having problems
by deadcrow December 05, 2008
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TSL: Tryna stay loyal
use it for staying loyal to ur girl/boy or your crush ;)
Guy: Dude look at that girl over there, ain't she pretty
Guy2: Yeah she is but im tsl to my girl

Girl: Oh my god look at him isn't he cute
Girl2: He is but
Girl: Girl you tsl?
Girl2: Yeah
via giphy
by K(ayl)-pop December 08, 2017
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