Originally a group consisting of five best known for doing fraud, ddos'ing, hitting licks and juug'in. Now expanding into the rap scene and swiftly taking over!
Them TRUSTFUND niggas takin over the game.
Got my info stolen by a TRUSTFUND member.
Bought some TRUSTFUND merch been waiting 3 years and still aint come.
by juugKING November 11, 2019
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This is the reason that she buys 4 pouches of baccy a week, has a boat, drives a white A1 with a private reg, and a ketamine addiction.
This is not related to the fact that she speaks as if she’s in the royal family, that’s just her being a cunt (& Tory) xx
Rah J12Trappy is this that Columbian fire? I’ll get 6 for 200, straight from daddy’s trustfund

Rah has anyone seen my barrrrrccy
Yeah I’m a Tory but like the good kind aha x
by Jisio March 15, 2021
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Tweekers whom sole cash flow comes from an inheritance or trustfund.
This trustfund tweeker can't pay you til her monthly payment gets in.
by hellaxxxbella August 16, 2008
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