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Trixie is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "she who brings happiness".
Trixie makes me laugh.
by SHRN23 November 02, 2018
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Bblond haired, blue eyed girl recently graduated from a Big 10 school living in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.
by tRCMB December 06, 2005
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1:white yuppy slang; a rich blonde chicago yuppy whore who thinks its ok to be a whore because she lives off daddies money, and actually has nothing interesting about her but her oral skills. rich version of ghetto slang term bustdown.
that trixie gives great head. dude i know shes a trixie they all give good head. but the never seem to shut their ignorant asses up
by TOMMY GUNZ March 19, 2005
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Is an unicorn that is in the show My little pony Friendship is magic she is counted as an antagonist and she is a show off defeated twice by twilight sparkle.
dude1 trixie is a bad ass.

dude2 no shes a bitch

dude1 your the bitch

dude2 go to hell trixie would get her ass stomped by twilight

dude1 haters gonna hate and im gonna skate
by lyra515 November 19, 2013
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A generally attractive, post collegiate girl who wears generic mall fashions, lacks much in the way of refined cultural tastes and generally looks at money and status as prime factors to consider when shopping around for a suitor. She goes out to trashy dance clubs on the weekend where makes for the perfect gold-chained jerseshorecockfodder.
"Jan decided to wear her new favorite Abercrombie outfit, it attracted the worst of the meathead losers at the PumpZ club down on Tosser St; what a fucking trixie!
by mustapha mond April 19, 2010
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A trixie is a cute fluffy TibetanTerrier she is my cute puppy and I think the world if her I think all trixie should be like her

cute,friendly,kind,and energetic
❤️ Love ya trixie xx
Omg is that trixie

Yeah how did you know?
She's adorable I can tell ❤️ ❤️
by Abcdefghijklomnpqrstuvwxyz October 22, 2018
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