Being evasive or deceptive, playing with someone's feelings, or not being direct or lying is how kids act - not how a grown ass adult acts.
by caspertheghostloveskat December 14, 2017
Silly rabbit trix are for kids is saying used to make reference to a person who was a victim of human trafficking as a child. Its used among victims of human trafficking and can be used in a serious, joking or complementary way. In conversation this saying can also be shortened down by simply referring to a person as a Tricky Rabbit.

Is used in the same way it was in the movie Kill Bill. When someone thinks they've got you or won but you make a comeback.
Example 1:
Person 1- I'm going to kill you

Person 2- No your not because the police just arrived. You didn't think it was going to be that easy did you. Silly rabbit trixs are for kids

Example 2: How did you make an A on the Calculus exam. That test was so difficult. Tricky rabbit aka you're really smart

Example 3: That new girl is a tricky rabbit. AKA that new girl was a victim of human trafficking as a child.
by Shady04 August 28, 2020
Women of loose or questionable moral character, who also happen to have spawned children.
I got together with Kelly and Alisha last night. Luckily they had sitters, damn trix with kids.
by Jai Smokyyr August 9, 2008