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The best anti-troll community on Google+. TPNG is looked at as "trolls" by other trolls who were defeated - although we are quite the opposite. TPNG was established on October 4th, 2014 and has never lost an internet battle since.
"TPNG just raided my community"
"Time to start a campaign to avenge you!"
by cartr December 18, 2016
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A group of supportive people that defend innocent people from trolls and harassers and punish bad users, TPNG is the most powerful group on YouTube/Google +. They have defeated EGHF easily in 3 days, and destroys thosaunds of UTTP's communities. And made peace with Anti-Fandomism easily, TPNG will save your life easily. The legit leader is ThaSheetMon5. And the other leaders are : SonicFan13, DeathRocket4990, Carterlennon, Chaoanaya, WaluigiFan32, Sebastian6078 and Lavaheart23. There might be new owners. So this might not be all.
TPNG = Troll Punisher Ninja Gear
by TSM5 May 30, 2015
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A bunch of hypocritical cunts who can't defend for themselves.
TPNG Member: NRC is the UTTP!
Normal Guy: No they aren't you fucking idiot.
by Firishii September 08, 2015
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A group of hypocritical assholes who pretends too save "innocent people" by releasing personal info and telling people pathetic comebacks like "kys"
They look down on people for doing certain things, yet when they do it, its perfectly justified and done for a good cause
"Haha, this girl is 12, how is she on the internet??"
-TPNG Member

"Dude, you're 11......."
by Jackatoo June 11, 2016
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