A tan,old,alcoholic blonde. They have fake blonde hair,the majority of them are tan,they are 40 or older,they smoke,and they have a raspy voice.
She is a toab.
by Alan Woo! November 25, 2011
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Is simply a Tweaker On a Bike.
We have all seen them rolling around town all hours of the night dumpster diving and what not.
Dude did you see that T.O.A.B digging through the dumpster??
by InfamousBigRob October 03, 2013
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Toab stands for "That one's a bitch", basically self explanatory as it says, when being called toab, it refers to a female being a bitch.
you're a toab. (A way of indirectly calling someone a bitch)
by AOWIhdnawko October 19, 2018
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Tan Old Alcoholic Blonde.

Female, Middle-aged or over. Lizard skin, over-processed coarse blonde hair (usually dyed), heavy smoker, alcoholic bar-fly.

Usually cannot retain a boyfriend and clings tightly to other TOABS. These are women who are unable to let go of highschool. Can be found wearing bedazzled jeans and sparkly shirts that say "DIVA".

Typical TOABs have names such as Julie, Donna, Mary, Angie, Barb and Janet.
Keep driving; that's a skanky biker-bar and is full of loud-mouth TOABs with bubblegum lipstick.
by anathema July 05, 2019
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