This Looks Like Sh!t

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That Looks Like Sh!t
Tim: What do you think of this web app that the developer made...
Chad: Only if you believe
by Is It Done Yet April 22, 2022
Yo dude i licked that twat last night
sweet u got Tll
by gamerchik95 December 11, 2010
An overpriced tuition that specializes in helping rich, bitchy tryhards to achieve their desired school. may not always work tho. But ngl the science one was very useful for me.
person 1: eh bro can recommend any tuition ah?
person two: oh The Learning Lab (TLL, Singapore) can help you bro perfect for someone like you!
by disguised miso soup February 16, 2022
John: oh i love tiktok so much
Meghan: that would make you a TLL
by actually awesome May 15, 2021
Tomas likes lana , or bro TLL
woah that kid tomas really likes lana, or bro TLL
by TLBMALAV, im gay September 9, 2022