TKY is the source, essence and spirit within anything that is good in the universe.

Some examples of TKY :
- Scoring a hat-trick in soccer by only using backheels.
- Passing a ball to a friend of an impossibly hard reboundind object
- Any successful rebound
- Cheating on a test and not getting caught
- Being extremely passionate towards something you belive in e.g Socceroos
- Dick Tricks
- Drinking your body weight in alcohol and still fooling your parents your sober
- Bagging the shit out of someone
- Taking videos during class
- Putting your socks on both feet at once
- Being able to dance in time with a strobe light
- Sweet talking a teacher
- Sweet talking a deaf girl
- Sweet talking a man

Basically any form of skill, luck, or success that comes by taking a risk. Furthermore TKY can be expressed by passion and love for something - an example is by breaking someones tap and shooting water 20ms into the air because your favoured sporting team lost.

So my friends T.K.Y
Verwey, Torts, Ky, Wilks, Colaz, Scandizzo, Artin, Naza, Mena, Alain, Cooper, Fredda, Dippa, Unwin, Babz, Bonacci, Pinto, Lanky( i had to ), Gareth, Boogs, Bruce, Yousef, Jack, Pat, Fujjjj, Mr Jenkinson, Mr Coghlan, Mr Rolfe( maybe) ... TKY my brothers
by Nikolai Yewrev July 11, 2006
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TKY is more than just an essence. In many ways it is the essence of life. There are some who live by the TKY, and some who don’t.

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’re down and out, when the pressure keeps rising, when the assignments keep coming… that feeling of pure despair? TKY is the opposite of all that, TKY is the feeling you get when the end of day bell rings.

Perhaps the strongest feeling of TKY is present in our hearts straight after the onslaught of an unexpected “DOM” chant, which bellows down the corridor. TKY is the essence by which we live, work, and play.

One cannot fully grasp the concept of TKY without experiencing a game of lunchtime soccer on the Shawshank Pitch. The dedication, desperation, passion and devotion with which we play lunchtime soccer is true testament to the TKY.
Launching a soccerball into the Year 7 windows and not breaking the glass 8/10 times... Now that's TKY.

Ripping Mark's 'feziche' out behind Moses' back when he tells us to stop playing soccer... Now that's TKY.

Delivering a fatal ball to O'Conner during Soccer Squares... Now that's TKY.

Playing the High Frequency Sound in teacher's ears and them not hearing anything at all... That's TKY.
by Johnny BABZ August 03, 2006
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TKY are a large group of youths that are known for kicking shit into people and taking over parties, the only unusual member in TKY is Chunk because everyone is still debating whether he is gay or not
Oh fuck it’s TKY!
by Joshua Speke December 04, 2018
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there are many ways to attempt to try and describe the true TKY's definition, but you can only feel the true essence of the TKY deep in the heart's chamber. Im not going to sit here and try and make examples of what it feels like, its up to you to scan your memories and each time you see yourself happy or feel everything is going right for ... that my friends is the true TKY.

TKY is also going fucken nuts having sex with 11 girls in the same night then waking up with a red torch dick and not knowing what the fuck you got up to last night. its also playing lunchtime soccer with so much fucken passion that in period 5 you're fuck dripping with sweat and nursing injuries but do you care? NO. BECAUSE THATS TKY
by nick ky July 31, 2006
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an inspiring feeling one recieves after kicking that winning soccer goal, or beating the record for the fastest lap on megacar, its the passion you feel for that special person, tky can be used in a plain simple way or in a yelling extreme way.
when you and your friend are thinking the same thing at the same time, and both think it a the same time, or both see the same thing, you look at eachother and say...'thats tky'
by torts July 11, 2006
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Tkys means Truly Kill Yourself. It was coined by someone who got tired of people misinterpreting Kys as a harmless joke, and unlike Kys, Tkys is really a suicide suggestion. Please, with great power comes great responsibility. Don't use this on your friends.
"Dude, I jerked off on gay porn, and I'm not even gay."
"Yeah, lmao!"
"No, faggot, I'm serious, Tkys."
by OglingSomething January 22, 2021
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Word that defines a fellow, who likes to autoclick on every block game to exist. While getting a whopping KD of 4:16 while autoclicking 35cps. Sometimes even scam players on a dead game.
Hes really being a Tky right now!
by Soeuh March 06, 2021
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