The Kitchen Never Sleeps. A phrase which references instense cooking or other food-related endeavors.
I just made 10 plates of pasta at midnight. TKNS man.
by Urband1ct1onary May 27, 2017
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Very addicting Travis Scott and ROSALIA song which is a trend on tiktok where people dance .The song is addicting.Trust me.
Well read the lyrics on your own buddies You will understand

She got hips I gotta grip for (yeah)
A lot of ass, don't need to have more
I know it's sweet, I like that
Mm-mm (straight up)
"TKN" Partially sang in Spanish, the song marks the second collaboration between the pair, after Rosalía sang on Highest in the Room.Tekken is a Japanese media franchise centered on a series of fighting videos and arcade games.Tekken also means ‘iron fist’ in Japanese, which fans think fit in with the themes of mafia and violence within the music video.
by _ray October 14, 2020
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tkn is a child's way of spelling chicken. it literally used to be the hardest word to spell because of this.
mom: what would you like for dinner?
child: TKN!
mom: dumbfuck cant even say chicken right
child: mother?
mother: i failed you son! *slits wrists*
by deadfeet3 March 2, 2016
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If seen in someone’s bio it means they are taken like not single
:(What’s this “TKN” on her bio
:)Yoo she’s taken homie
by Yvesly March 5, 2023
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