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'The Tripple H', is an act which consists of three seperate pleasures taking place simultaneously. The three H's, stand for:

and Head

The summary of this activity is to firstly, play a Jimi Hendrix track (preferably Voodoo child, Bold as love ect), songs also strongly suggested whilst carrying out 'The Tripple H' are those similar to 'The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shellter.'

Secondly, have a female partner present, willing to perfom the act oral sex upon you.

Finally, spark up a fat-arse spliff and enjoy the contrast of three heavenly indulgences.
Freind 1 - "Mate, wouldn't you love to do the tripple H?"

Freind 2 - "What the fuck is that?"

Freind 1 - "It's when you listen to Jimi Hendrix, get a blowjob, and smoke weed all at the same time!"

Freind 2 - "Fuck, that sounds amazing."
by domestic.extremist April 09, 2011
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