1. Noun. A region in northwest Atlanta, Located west of Georgia Tech and roughly 10 blocks to a side, bordered by Bankhead Highway, North Avenue, Ashby Street, and Simpson. Known for high crime and drug activity, especially "boy", a.k.a. heroin. Xref: bankhead nigga
"I thug, I tuff, I get paid from the block to the bluff."
by James P Brawley March 20, 2005
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1. A specific area located in Northwest Atlanta west of Georgia Tech and the Georgia Dome, roughly ten blocks square to a side with Northwest Highway, Bankhead Highway, Ashby Street, and Simpson Road as its traditional borders. Known for its high crime rate and illegal drug activity, especially Boy, or heroin.

Xrefs: the phrases Bankhead Nigga, Boy, and Georgia Dome all originated in the Bluff.

2. More recently, a generic term for any urban high intensity drug trafficking area in the Dirty South.
"I thug, I tuff, I get paid from the block to the Bluff." (From the Rap Song "Too Addicted")
by James P Brawley March 21, 2005
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person who says they are going to do somthing but then don't do it and give an acuse
That bitch said she was goin to come over my house, but she bluffed me and said she had to wash clothes.
by D.©. January 22, 2007
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A term for someone who doesnt do what he/she says they are gonna do or misleading, also known as EvaSu
Randall: Yo she said she was gonna bop me off?

Chucky: Did she?

Randall: Nah she was bluffin...the usual
by GetMoney44 July 28, 2009
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origin - south Wales UK.
to attempt to do something or drink/smoke something and failing to do so
chatting up a girl and failing
trying to impress someone and falling over.
downing a shot and boffing up two min's later.
pulling a whitey after smoking too much

adj. to bluff, being a bluffer, king of bluff, lord of blufferton.
by super Gee mc August 3, 2011
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Someone you initially consider buff (see: buff) from a distance or from behind but who, upon closer inspection, looks like God/evolution decided to redress the balance with regards to whatever feature it was that subsequently causes you to retract your earlier statement, most likely the face.
*buff tingz turns around*
by birar January 26, 2011
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A skill used in Dunegons and Dragons to trick other people into believing what you are saying.
I shall use bluff to trick the man into believing I am one of Heironeous's Clerics.
by Gallagher April 28, 2006
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