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Tits, Fanny, The Lot

A shortened term to mean everything.
I'm on the Organ Donors List, TFTL!
by Jambon2013 January 04, 2013
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Thanks For The Laugh

Used when someone does something insanely stupid, and it makes you laugh.
A: "How do you put a NDS game in a Nintendo DS?"
B: "Seriously..."
A: "Yes, I'm clueless"
by YGM23 December 28, 2009
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Too Fast To Live, a common punk saying, often used in conjuction with TYTD, meaning Too Young To Die, both abbreviations are often seen as knuckle tattoos
"TFTL, TYTD" said Johnny, "Wow man your hardcore" replied Tommy.
by SkaSkaDarcyYa? August 27, 2007
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To Fat To Live.

When some idiot acts like they are dying because the cellulite in their body keeps them from performing normal functions and to top it all off they bitch because they want you to help them. Well you are T.F.T.L. Cuz I left the forklift at the house
The T.F.T.L.: *passed out while walking from his bed to his XBox 3 steps away*

Me: *runs away* Man he's just T.F.T.L.
by Cb the Charley boo May 24, 2012
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