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A tennis training center and tennis and fitness club, located in Collage Park, Maryland. The adults that are members here, are mostly juniors parents. At TCCP, there is a program called the Junior Champions Program, where you Mid- Atlantic singles ranking needs to be lower than 30. There is also a "school" at the training center, where kids that think that they are good at tennis, and believe that they have a future in tennis attend. The way that TCCP uses the word school, in't appropriate. The kids who go to this school are arrogant hot heads that get little if any education in between their tennis hours. Most of the kids that go here don't deserve half of the fancy shit that they get. They all have amazing athletic clothes, and equipment. The nicer the clothes, the more cocky, horrible at tennis, and just plain mean they are. Most of the kids that go here have the worst mental approach to the sport, and usually break numerous rackets during their daily endeavor. If your playing someone who spazzes after every point, probably a TCCP kid. Most of the kids are utter failures, or are going to turn out to be. TCCP has fed 3 or 4 18 year olds who are most likely going to be very sucessful. Tereci Capra and Vera Zovonerava have trained at TCCP at some point, and they are both very sucessful tennis players.
Tennis player #1: Did you see that kid spazz out? he broke 3 rackets!!!!!!
Teniss player #2: yea. Probably a TCCP punk
by TCCP November 13, 2011
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