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TAOFIG is an ancient art first practiced by monks centuries ago in the Himalayan mountains. TAOFIG claims its roots from TAO which is a Chinese word meaning 'way' 'route' 'path' or sometimes it is used loosely to mean 'principle' or 'doctrine'.

One does not develop TAOFIG over night and it must be cultivated from many years of practice. In short, TAOFIG stands for The Amount Of Fucks I Give, meaning the amount of fucks one gives about a certain situation. Of course this amount,over time becomes zero as the person reaches higher levels of enlightenment and their zen is focused on the TAOFIG ways.
Dan: "Hey did you see that new Johnny Depp movie that just came out?"
William: *silence*
Dan: "Well did you?"
William: *silence*
Dan: "Damn you're good. You have been practicing TAOFIG haven't you?"
by FreshFail October 06, 2011
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The Amount Of Fuck's I Give.
When you don't give a single fuck.

"Why is this information useful to me in any way."
Tim:"Hey did you see that sick game last night."
by Timothy Jakeonson May 21, 2016
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