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a) An alternative for University - often seen as being second-rate or as an easy option
b) A term used to describe somebody who is failing, screwing up their life or who has just done something stupid/dopey hence They are Tafe or second-rate
a) "No wonder Mrs D is a rubbish Teacher - she did her teaching course at TAFE not uni"

b) Tim: Did you do that history assignment Tommy?
Tom: Nah man, i forgot
Tim: Thats just TAFE mate

Chris: You gonna bother doing your project Ollie?
Ollie: Maybe but only if i can be bothered.
Chris: Mate you know where your going.
Ollie: Where? wtf
Chris: TAFE!!!!!!!!!!

"Does John go to school any more?"
"Nah hes tafing it, he dropped out"

Ben: Shit man have you seen my bag, i think i've lost it
Tim: Man are you stupid, its right next to you
Ben: Oh..yeah hahaha
Tim: Mate your just Pure tafe

by Rimmomg August 19, 2007
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