"Take your bitch"
The name of a gang created by the infamous and swag *cough* *cough*, Cole West, Nick and Jason Hinton. Although the gang is well know throughout the McKinney suburb from which it originated, it is not respected and is often laughed at. The gang is often associated as a group of wanna-be badasses who in reality are a bunch of tools and pussies.
Person: Oh man he's so cool he should join T.Y.B.!
Group of people: LOLOL!
by Mactown567 November 25, 2011
take. your. bitch./steel your girl friend
im going to T.Y.B
by mr have 123 December 10, 2010
stop playing with my before i T.Y.B .
by fwyb.splick December 9, 2019
The young bulls, and take your _____. Group leaders- Vinny, Jahmal, Dom
Yoooo! Invite T.Y.B to the party
by lilxwizdom December 12, 2016
There's Your Girlfriend/There's Your Boyfriend. Used to point out hideous or poorly dressed persons.
Look at that hideous woman with a beard wearing crocs....T.Y.G./T.Y.B!
by JankyJane December 13, 2010