Originating from the South: it’s your mother, mother figure. The term is used to show respect to the dominant woman figure in a young man’s life.
“Hey E can you come through?” “Lemme holla at my T Lady real quick to see if it’s Gucci.
by T lady35 August 10, 2018
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Top lady; top girl; lady above any other girl. Most people call their mother or girlfriend/wife this.
My mother will forever be my T lady.
by Rachael Johnston November 14, 2007
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the woman that gave birth to you; your mother
let me ask my t-lady before we go.
by drea November 30, 2004
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Short for Tummy Lady. the woman who carried you in her womb.
I gotta go visit my t-lady.
by daddylongstroke January 12, 2007
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originated in the dallas, texas area in the early 90's meaning your birth mother
"Hey Jboy why your girl mad at you, cause I cussed out her t jones.
by tajaun brown May 6, 2004
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